Practice Areas

For businesses

  • Contract, corporate, labor and regulatory issues
  • Representation before state courts and in arbitration
  • Acting as arbitrator
  • Legal opinions
  • Formation and administration of companies, drafting of articles of association, regulations and corporate governance guidelines, employee profit sharing programs, preparation and holding of general meetings
  • Reorganisations, mergers & acquisitions
  • Debt collection, enforcement and insolvency proceedings
  • Banking and financing
  • Collective capital investments, asset management, capital market regulation
  • Governmental and regulatory approval proceedings
  • Real estate transactions, zoning law issues
  • Trademark and copyright issues, licensing and distribution agreements
  • Media, communications and data protection law
  • Competition law
  • Board of directors and board of trustees mandates
  • Health, pharmaceutical and drug law,  advising hospitals and medical practices.

For private individuals

  • All issues relating to general contract and corporate law, employment, landlord and tenant law, and third party liability.
  • Representation before state courts and in arbitration
  • Inheritance planning, wills and estate
  • Executor of wills, settlement of estates
  • Marriage contracts, consensual divorce
  • Real estate transactions, construction contracts, building permission proceedings, rural land law, protection of landmark buildings, expropriation
  • Assistance in libel and slander matters and media law issues
  • Legal issues concerning management and investment of assets

For government authorities and public institutions

  • Advice to municipal authorities
  • Representation before state courts and in arbitration; administrative court proceedings
  • Media law and public communication
  • Representation in administrative and legal assistance proceedings, legal opinions
  • Rules and regulations and public law agreements

For associations, foundations, charities and pension funds

  • Formation of associations, foundations, charities and pension funds with or without tax exemption
  • Regulatory approval proceedings, dealings with regulatory authorities
  • Statutes, regulations, corporate governance guidelines; codes of conduct
  • Administration of and legal advice to foundations and associations
  • Media law and public communications
  • Administration, legal support and liquidation of pension funds

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