Law Firm

Our law firm was founded in 1951. We offer our clients comprehensive legal services and careful personal attention, regardless of the scope of the mandate and the duration of the business relationship. Our internal legal know-how has been systematically developed, and is constantly updated. Our lawyers participate actively in the latest legal developments through speeches, teaching and publications. To ensure that we maintain the highest of professional standards in all areas of law, we complement our know-how on both a national and international level with a network of experienced experts. Our clients include companies, private individuals, government authorities and public institutions, as well as associations, foundations, charities and pension funds.


How we work

Direct and personal communication with our clients is important to us. At Steinbrüchel Hüssy you have a designated contact person... Read More


Efficient and effective

At the very heart of our practice stand our clients' interests which we pursue comprehensively and efficiently. With our legal expertise... Read More